Candidate Rundown: Arya Thakur for SA Vice President.

By Francisco “A.J.” Camacho

Year: Sophomore

Current Student Association (SA) Executive Treasurer Arya Thakur is running for the SA Vice Presidency under the slogan, “Touch Grass.” Thakur’s platform includes “Academic Advising Reform, a Football Team, Title IX Task Force, and Extended Lerner Hours.”

In the 2023 SA Debate, hosted jointly by the Joint Elections Commission (JEC) and the GW Hatchet, Thakur pitched his experience and platform to students. On his experience, he argued that since becoming Treasurer, “I’ve always been open. I’ve never declined anything.”

However, Thakur also reminded the audience that he was excluded from SA Senate Finance Committee meetings that concerned budget allocations. Thakur argued that this experience underscores the need for financial honesty, adding that he “could not provide [many multicultural organizations] with many answers,” when they asked why their budgets were cut.

Thakur is perhaps most well-known for his plan to revive the GW football team, which disbanded in 1966. In the debate, Thakur admitted that it “could sink a campaign,” but argued that bold ideas were needed in the SA right now.

Members of the WRGW Blog Editorial Board are meeting with candidates for SA president and vice president to inform students about their options on the election days (Apr. 13 and 14) and to contribute to the Editorial Board’s endorsements. Thakur did not respond to a request for an interview.

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