Candidate Rundown: Nathan Orner for SA President.

Fmr. SA Transportation Sec. Nathan Orner (center) discusses his presidential campaign with WRGW Blog Editor Francisco “A.J.” Camacho (left) and News Editor Rosaleen Carroll (right).

By Rosaleen Carroll

Year: Junior

Favorite Moniker: Revolutionaries & Blue Fog

On Friday, Apr. 7, Nathan Orner sat down with the WRGW Blog to discuss his candidacy for Student Association (SA) president. Orner provided insight into a number of his campaign’s policies, including pedestrian safety, Plan B accessibility, supporting students’ mental health, and syllabi availability. 

When questioned about his policy on syllabi availability, Nathan stated that “this particular thing has a large effect on the student body,” citing the importance of transparency surrounding the cost and rigor associated with any given course. 

Orner faces five opponents in his bid for the SA Presidency, one of whom he is currently dating: Edy Koenigs. Orner briefly spoke about this, “we support each other 100 percent, it’s just that we both think that we would be good for the job.”

As the SA’s former Director of Transportation, Orner emphasizes pedestrian safety and creating a walkable campus. When asked why he feels installing more crosswalks on GW’s campus is important, Orner stated that “crosswalks are not necessarily all that expensive compared to the damages that can possibly be done.”

Members of the WRGW Blog Editorial Board are meeting with candidates for SA president and vice president to inform students about their options on the election days (Apr. 13 and 14) and to contribute to the Editorial Board’s endorsements. You can listen to the entire interview with Orner on Spotify.

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