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Former Kerry Advisor Speaks At GW

David Makovsky, a former advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry, spoke to students at the Marvin Center about the current situation in the Middle East on Monday evening. Makovsky specifically focused on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. His message to the students was to not give up and “hold your head high.” Makovsky […]

Students Hold ‘Die In’ to Join Nationwide Protest

Around 30 GW students braved cold weather and rain to stage a “Die In” in protest of the shooting of Michael Brown and acquittal of office Darren Wilson. Dubbed #GWFerguson, students yelled chants while laying on the ground for four and a half hours to symbolize the amount of time Michael Brown’s body lay in […]

Grooving on the Vern

The Vern’s black box theater temporally stopped belonging to the University and became property of Emperor Kuzco as his play, The Emperors New Groove, premiered this past weekend. Adapted from the movie of by the same name, director Shira Herald, made it a personal challenge to bring the animation to the stage. “About a year […]

GW Has Talent

The applause was loud and enthusiastic as 12 acts took the stage last Thursday night to prove that GW’s got talent. The event, sponsored by Program Board and GW Hillel saw a great turn out for an evening of artistic performances. Liz Moses, Executive Chair of Program Board, and one of the coordinators of the […]