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WRGW Radio is currently accepting blog pitches and music submissions! For blog submissions, please email the director for the blog you would like to submit to (Music, Talk, News, or Sports) with a pitch or completed article. For music submissions, please email with an attached audio file.

General Manager Pooji
Station Manager Olivia Osborne  
Personnel Directors Jess Layton & Max
Programming DirectorKaty
Assistant Programming DirectorHannah
Operations DirectorsChristian Hall & Runjni
Production Director Jess Makler
Music Directors Abe Merker & Chelsea Connolly
Assistant Music Director Chloe Novillos
Music Blog EditorClaire
Talk Director Emily
Assistant Talk Director Vishali
News DirectorsAmaeka Effoing & Courtney
Sports Director (Programming & Live Coverage)Ari Feuer & Scott
Business Director Jack
Marketing Directors Tanveer Qureshi & Brooks  
Alumni Director Owen
Assistant Alumni DirectorKatie
Events DirectorRyan
Podcast Team Julia Russo, Jillian Chilingerian & Henry
Webmaster Adis Santoyo