CONCERT PREVIEW: Giant Rooks at 9:30 Club, 4/14

By Jenny Van Zandt

German indie-rock band Giant Rooks are coming to the 9:30 club for the D.C. stop of their global How Have You Been? tour on April 14.

Giant Rooks’ first album ROOKERY dropped in 2020 and was met with praise and acclaim. Three years and a lot of reflection later, How Have You Been? was born. High-energy earworms such as “Somebody Like You” are euphoric and highly reminiscent of the style Giant Rooks has cultivated throughout their career. Soft, earnest ballads like “Nobody Likes Hospitals” are vulnerable and delicate, a true testament to the range of this quintet. While it’s clear to long-time listeners that How Have You Been? doesn’t stray far from the sound of ROOKERY, the band is upfront about their desire to evolve naturally and to let go of the pressure to create something entirely new with each release. Their latest album debuted in the Top 10 of global Spotify and claimed the #1 spot in Germany. 

The love the band has for their art bleeds from the stage, with all five members dancing along with the crowd. The energy is infectious; their stage presence cultivates an environment that is freeing and exuberant. You truly just have to be there to understand it. 

Doors are at 7 p.m. at the 9:30 Club. Grab tickets here

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