PHOTO ESSAY: Little Simz @ The Fillmore, 10/11

By Carolina Carmo

U.K. rapper Little Simz controlled the stage at the Fillmore Silver Spring on Oct. 11, finally bringing her tour to the DMV to support her latest album, NO THANK YOU. 

“I need you to imagine I’m your friend from London…well, I am,” she said with the goofiest smile.

All photos by Carolina Carmo

“DMV if you’re here say ‘yea-yeah’”

Simz performs like no one else I’ve ever seen. She dances with her full body, swinging her arms wide, sometimes moving along with the visuals in the screen behind her and sometimes doing her own thing. It’s mesmerizing how effortlessly she performs, creating a set that spanned three albums and an EP (with a bonus unreleased song!). She told us, in her heavy south London accent, that we were “experiencing greatness.” She knows how good she is but is never cocky about it. She’s silly and personable, opening up the widest smile when addressing the crowd. She recognizes where she comes from, and doesn’t let herself forget the hard work that brought her to that stage, that tour, this point in her artistic career.  

Simz performed about half of the set alone, then brought out two guitarists for the second half. All three were in uniform: oversized white button down and a black tie over baggy black pants. They looked so cool. I want to be in their band.

The most memorable moments in the set:

“Point and Kill” where she had the crowd singing the Obongjayar verse, demanding us to get louder each time. “I want it, it’s mine,” we sang, to which she would go, “OK!”

When she performed a little poem that played with the title of her Mercury award-winning record Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. “Sometimes I prefer sparkling over still / a snack over a meal / boredom over the frill…Sometimes, shut the fuck up, read the room.”

The beginning of “Angel” where she started the song with no instrumentals, “can i kick some lyrics at you?” Slowly fading in the guitars during the first chorus.

And you know what, Simbi, sometimes I also prefer sparkling over still. Thanks for this show, I hope we showed you a good time. Can’t wait to see you again so soon, my friend from London. 

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